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Artist JETTE

Spell Jar Pendants - WISDOM

Spell Jar Pendants - WISDOM

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Introducing the Wisdom Spell Jar Pendant by Artist JETTE, meticulously crafted to awaken the inner sage within you and illuminate the path to greater wisdom and insight. This enchanting pendant is a harmonious blend of mystical ingredients, carefully chosen to enhance cognition, promote mental clarity, and deepen your connection to spiritual knowledge.


  • Rosemary: Known for its associations with love, virtue, and memory retention, rosemary enhances cognitive function and improves memory, allowing for clearer thinking and sharper focus.

  • Sage: Infused with the purifying essence of sage, this pendant clears away stagnant energies and promotes wisdom, offering clarity of thought and insight into the mysteries of life.

  • Citrine: Embrace mental clarity and insight with the vibrant energy of citrine. This golden crystal encourages creativity, promotes clear thinking, and opens the mind to new perspectives, allowing for greater understanding and wisdom.

  • Labradorite: Facilitates the flow of mental energy and clears blockages in the mind, promoting innovation and new ways of thinking. Labradorite serves as a bridge between the earthly and spiritual realms, offering access to higher knowledge and wisdom.

  • Amethyst: Enhances alertness, improves judgment, and opens the third eye and crown chakras, allowing for deeper spiritual insights and a greater understanding of universal truths.

  • A Wisdom Rune: Meticulously crafted from the ancient Norse rune Ansuz, symbolizing an open channel of communication with the divine and the ability to understand and interpret messages from the cosmos. Hand-drawn on purple paper with darker purple ink, the Ansuz rune signifies wisdom and spiritual insight.                                                                                                                                                                           Image result for Ansuz

Crafting Process:

  • Each pendant is lovingly handcrafted with care and intention.

  • The glass orb or vial is meticulously cleansed with the purifying smoke of sage incense.

  • A harmonious blend of wisdom-enhancing herbs, crystals, and symbols is carefully selected and placed inside the pendant.

  • The pendant is sealed with a base metal cap in , Gold or Siver tones.

  • Under the enchanting glow of the full moon, each pendant is left to bask in lunar energies and charged with celestial wisdom.

  • Inspired by Modern Witchcraft: Our Wisdom Spell Jar Pendant is inspired by the modern witchcraft movement, crafted for seekers of wisdom and knowledge. Each pendant is thoughtfully designed to empower you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Measurement: Vial pendants measure approximately 2 inches in length and 0.75 inches in diameter, sealed with a gold tone end cap. The pendant is suspended from a sturdy cord, adjustable to your desired length for comfortable wear.

Orb pendants measure approximately 0.5 inches in diameter and are sealed with silver or gold tone caps for added elegance. Each pendant is adorned with a hand-dyed silk ribbon, adding a touch of luxury and individuality to your enchanting accessory. Rest assured that each pendant is handcrafted with love and wisdom.

Carry the power of wisdom with you wherever you go, and let our spell jar pendant be your guide on the path to greater understanding and enlightenment.

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