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Artist JETTE

"Three Children" 16x20 Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Print

"Three Children" 16x20 Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Print

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The mother, portrayed in a circular form, bends over her children in a nurturing pose. Her skin tone is light, and her golden blond hair cascades over her knees, resembling a large yellow summer squash.

In the center of the composition, nestled in the mother's lap and arms, are her three children, each represented by vibrant colors reminiscent of fruits and vegetables. One child is depicted in vibrant red swirls akin to a raspberry, another in deep sapphire blue resembling a giant blueberry, and the third in a deep leaf-like green reminiscent of an artichoke.

Behind the mother, a red bubble-like heart and a pink bubble-like heart appear to swell, conveying the overwhelming love and protective spirit a mother feels for her babies. The overall composition exudes a sense of fertility and roundness, inviting viewers to see themselves and their children reflected in the piece.

Each limited-edition print of "Three Children" is hand-signed and numbered, with no more than 100 prints in the first edition.

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