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Artist JETTE

SM Bookmark "Taurus"

SM Bookmark "Taurus"

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"Celestial Taurus" Mini Watercolor Bookmark: Embrace the Strength of the Bull

Dive into the cosmic realm with the third installment in the Zodiac series "Taurus". Set against an outer space backdrop, a ghostly blue bull silhouette emerges, exuding the raw strength and determination characteristic of the Taurus sign. The Taurus Constellation shines brightly through it all, a celestial beacon guiding the way, while below, a golden Taurus symbol adds a touch of celestial elegance to the composition.

A Symbol of Strength: The "Taurus" Zodiac bookmark captures the essence of the Taurus sign, symbolizing strength, stability, and unwavering determination. The majestic bull silhouette commands attention, serving as a reminder of the inherent power within each Taurus individual.

Cosmic Connection: In this miniature masterpiece, the Taurus Constellation takes center stage, its radiant stars illuminating the darkness of space and inviting contemplation of the vast mysteries of the universe. Each brushstroke embodies the timeless beauty and wonder of the cosmos.

Collector's Edition Details: Limited to only 100 prints in the first edition, each "Taurus" bookmark is a rare treasure. Hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, these bookmarks showcase the artistry and craftsmanship behind each piece. Slight size variations and imperfections add to the unique charm of these hand-made watercolor bookmarks. Small Bookmarks measure approximately 6x1.75 inches.

A Tribute to Taurus: Let the "Taurus" Zodiac bookmark adorn your reading adventures, serving as a reminder of the innate strength and resilience that resides within you. Whether you're a Taurus yourself or simply drawn to the mystique of the bull, this bookmark is sure to inspire and captivate.

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