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Artist JETTE

SM Bookmark "Sagittarius" #1

SM Bookmark "Sagittarius" #1

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"Sagittarius" Zodiac Watercolor Bookmark: A Celestial Tribute to Friendship

Celebrate the boundless spirit of Sagittarius with "Sagittarius," a captivating watercolor bookmark crafted as a heartfelt tribute to friendship. Set against an ethereal outer space background, this bookmark is adorned with cosmic elements that evoke the adventurous and free-spirited nature of the Sagittarius sign.

Cosmic Symphony: Journey through the cosmos with "Sagittarius" as your guide. A yellow crescent moon graces the sky, casting its gentle glow upon the scene. Purple crystals rise from the depths, shimmering with mystic energy, while vibrant mushrooms add a whimsical touch to the celestial landscape.

Symbol of Sagittarius: At the heart of the artwork, a bright green Sagittarius symbol rises majestically, symbolizing the optimism, curiosity, and independence of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. It serves as a beacon of light and inspiration, guiding the way for those who embrace the Sagittarian spirit.

A Gift of Friendship: "Sagittarius" was created as a special gift for a beautiful friend, embodying the unique bond of friendship and shared adventures. Each element of the bookmark reflects the cherished memories and shared experiences that define true friendship.

Collector's Edition Details: Limited to only 100 prints in the first edition, each "Sagittarius" bookmark is a rare treasure. Hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, these bookmarks capture the essence of celestial wonder. Slight size variations and imperfections add to the charm of these hand-made watercolor bookmarks. Small Bookmarks measure approximately 6x1.75 inches.

A Tribute to Friendship: With "Sagittarius" in hand, celebrate the magic of friendship and the infinite possibilities that arise when kindred spirits come together. Let this bookmark serve as a reminder of the joy, laughter, and adventures shared with cherished friends.

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