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Artist JETTE

SM Bookmark "Retro Fungi"

SM Bookmark "Retro Fungi"

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"Retro Fungi" Mini Watercolor Bookmark: A '70s Fungi Fantasy

Embark on a journey through the psychedelic '70s with "Retro Fungi," a mini watercolor bookmark that captures the groovy vibes of a bygone era. Picture this: a serene forest scene featuring a solitary mature ink cap mushroom, its black and grey hues accented by the trademark inky substance dripping from its cap. Surrounding the mushroom cluster, decaying fallen leaves in shades of oranges, browns, and greens create a vibrant carpet on the forest floor.

A Vintage Retreat: Step into a world of retro charm and nostalgia with "Retro Fungi." This bookmark channels the essence of the 1970s, where nature's beauty and artistic expression intertwined in colorful harmony.

Mushroom Medley: In the heart of the forest, discover a whimsical gathering of mushrooms, each one a unique expression of nature's creativity. The mature ink cap mushroom stands tall amidst its smaller companions, its distinctive colors and inky droplets drawing the eye with mesmerizing allure.

Nostalgic Nuance: As you behold "Retro Fungi," let yourself be swept away by memories of days gone by. The muted oranges, browns, and greens of the decaying leaves evoke a sense of warmth and tranquility, inviting you to bask in the nostalgia of a simpler time.

Collector's Edition Details: Limited to only 100 prints in the first edition, each "Retro Fungi" bookmark is a rare treasure. Hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, these bookmarks capture the essence of '70s-inspired whimsy. Slight size variations and imperfections add to the charm of these hand-made watercolor bookmarks. Small Bookmarks measure approximately 6x1.75 inches.

A Journey Through Retro Roots: With "Retro Fungi" as your guide, journey back to the retro roots of the 1970s, where the earthy tones and whimsical imagery of this bookmark serve as a portal to a world of peace, love, and mushroom magic.

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