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Artist JETTE

SM Bookmark "Cancer"

SM Bookmark "Cancer"

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Immerse yourself in the mystical depths of the zodiac with the captivating "Cancer Zodiac" original watercolor bookmark. Gaze upon the vibrant depiction of a bright red crab, partially submerged in a tranquil blue watery expanse. Above, the constellation of Cancer twinkles in the celestial heavens, while below, the iconic Cancer symbol gleams with cosmic significance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Artist JETTE, this original artwork measures approximately 1.75 x 6.5 inches and is mounted on a striking red backing. Each brushstroke captures the essence of Cancer's nurturing spirit and intuitive depth, inviting you to explore the mysteries of the cosmos through the lens of the crab.

Perfect for astrology enthusiasts and lovers of celestial art alike, this one-of-a-kind bookmark is a testament to the beauty and wonder of the zodiac. Let it adorn your favorite books and journals, serving as a daily reminder of the profound connection between the celestial and the terrestrial realms.

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