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Artist JETTE

"Prayers of The Addicted" 16 x 20 Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Print

"Prayers of The Addicted" 16 x 20 Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Print

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Prayers of the Addicted" is a 16x20 limited edition gallery wrapped print, personally hand-signed and numbered by me. This piece holds deep personal significance as it represents a pivotal moment in my artistic journey. The original artwork, which remains in my personal collection, served as the catalyst for a new artistic style that I continue to develop.

Created during a time of intense personal struggle, "Prayers of the Addicted" reflects my battle with addiction to cigarettes and draws inspiration from Reggae music and Rasta culture, which have profoundly influenced my life and family. It serves as a symbolic self-portrait, depicting my journey from darkness to light, from addiction to liberation.

Grasping for the key to unlock my chain to cigarettes from the Lion of Judah, portrayed as a lion shaped cloud formation in an otherwise clear blue sky. The moonbeams reveal the dark side and what I perceived to be holding me back, and the brilliant sun illuminates the tree in bloom, the paintbrush and the waterfall representing what I was reaching for. Freedom, art and nature are all I've ever wanted.

"Prayers of the Addicted" encapsulates my longing for freedom, artistic expression, and a deeper connection with nature—a testament to the transformative power of art and personal resilience.

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