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Artist JETTE

"Mary Jane" 30x34 Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Print

"Mary Jane" 30x34 Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Print

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Heavily influenced by my love of Reggae music and Rasta culture, Mary Jane was painted on watercolor paper in tempera paint in 1999 in my bedroom at my parents' house to the Gregory Isaacs album "Night Nurse"  on repeat. I was 20 years old and full of life and dreams and rebellion! I wanted to defy societal norms and challenge conservative views with a bold and daring expression of feminine power. Looking at her is like looking at a past version of myself. At the time I had no Fks to give, and I feel she expresses that sentiment perfectly!

She is a bold and beautiful topless brunette lounging on the ground propped up on one hand, a lit joint in the other, she stares intently at the viewer, challenging them to question her audacity! she sits against a yellow background, with a giant pot leaf behind her the tips of its leaves blazing red.

I had her scanned into a file on a disk YEARS ago, I was PRAYING that file was still readable! The original belonged to my little brother but was lost amongst his many moves long ago, so I was more than excited to see her again, but when I did, she was HUGE!! The original is closer to 18x20! The printer didn't think to question the size of the file and I'm her for it! I've missed Mary Jane! I hope you love and respect her as much as I do!

Each print is hand signed and numbered by me, and no more that 100 prints will be made in this edition.

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