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Artist JETTE

LG Bookmark "Silent Shadows"

LG Bookmark "Silent Shadows"

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"Silent Shadows" Limited Edition Watercolor Bookmark: Wolf on Orange

Embark on a journey through the velvety embrace of night with "Silent Shadows," a limited-edition watercolor bookmark featuring a black wolf standing stoically amidst the bare branches. This incarnation is set against the backdrop of a darker, more mysterious landscape, mounted on an orange backing that adds warmth to the moonlit scene.

Moonlit Solitude: As the night deepens, "Silent Shadows" unfolds—a black wolf, regal and vigilant, commands attention against the moonlit sky. The absence of fall leaves creates a canvas where the majestic creature stands, its gaze locked onto yours, illuminated by the soft glow of the full yellow moon shining through the bare branches.

Dusk's Enigmatic Palette: In this variation, the scene is cast in a deeper, more contemplative hue. The stark contrast between the darkened surroundings and the radiant eyes of the wolf heightens the enigmatic allure of the nocturnal tableau.

Orange Backdrop Elegance: Mounted on an orange backing, "Silent Shadows" emanates a subtle warmth, complementing the darker tones of the artwork. The wolf's stance, more upright and commanding, exudes a sense of quiet strength and watchful grace.

Limited Edition Intricacies: This collector's edition is limited to just 100 prints in the first edition. Hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, each approximately 9x2.5 inch bookmark carries its own essence. As with any handmade creation, variations in details add to the individuality of "Silent Shadows."

A Dance of Mystery: Allow "Silent Shadows" to weave its magic as you delve into the pages of your cherished books—a bookmark that invites you to explore the depths of moonlit mystery, where the black wolf stands as a guardian of secrets whispered in the rustling night.

Two Sides of Twilight: Pair "Silent Shadows" with its counterpart, "Nocturnal Prowl" on Black, and let the two bookmarks create a symphony of twilight—a duet between the trotting and the standing, the rustling leaves and the silent shadows.

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