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Artist JETTE

LG Bookmark "Nocturnal Prowl"

LG Bookmark "Nocturnal Prowl"

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"Nocturnal Prowl" Limited Edition Watercolor Bookmark: Wolf on Black

Step into the realm of "Nocturnal Prowl," a limited edition watercolor bookmark that captures the mysterious allure of a black wolf navigating the dusk-lit wilderness. Picture the scene: the majestic creature trots through a carpet of fall leaves, its gaze locked onto yours, radiant yellow eyes glowing in the moonlit darkness.

Moonlit Majesty: In the quiet embrace of dusk, "Nocturnal Prowl" unfolds—a black wolf, sleek and powerful, moves gracefully through the autumnal landscape. The bare trees stand as silent witnesses to the nocturnal symphony, illuminated by the full yellow moon that casts an ethereal glow over the scene.

A Gaze that Transcends: The wolf's piercing yellow eyes hold a connection beyond the ordinary. It stares directly at you, inviting you into the nocturnal journey. The symbiotic exchange between observer and observed creates a moment frozen in the timeless dance of predator and prey.

Contrasts in Darkness: Mounted on a black backing, this rendition of the wolf's silhouette accentuates the contrasts within the scene. The slight highlights on the fur create depth, making the wolf appear both formidable and elegant as it navigates the fallen leaves on its journey.

Limited Edition Distinction: "Nocturnal Prowl" is a collector's gem, limited to 100 prints in the first edition. Each approximately 9x2.5 inch bookmark is a testament to individuality, meticulously hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist. As with any handmade creation, slight variations may exist, enhancing the uniqueness of each piece.

A Whispering Symphony: As you turn the pages of your favorite book, let "Nocturnal Prowl" accompany your reading adventures—a bookmark that whispers tales of moonlit wilderness, where the black wolf prowls through the canvas of your imagination.

Embrace the nocturnal magic with "Nocturnal Prowl," where the elegance of the black wolf and the mystique of the moonlight converge in a bookmark that transcends the boundaries between reality and dreams.

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