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Artist JETTE

LG Bookmark "Raven's Reverie"

LG Bookmark "Raven's Reverie"

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"Raven's Reverie" Limited Edition Watercolor Bookmark: A Mystical Ode to the Night

Step into the enchanting realm of "Raven's Reverie," a limited-edition watercolor bookmark that pays homage to the profound mystique of the raven. Picture the scene: a purple dusk cloaking the world, a solitary raven perched on a gnarled branch, its head and beak illuminated by the golden glow of a full yellow moon.

Night's Poetic Embrace: As the sun bids adieu, the world transforms into a canvas of celestial hues. In this twilight dance, "Raven's Reverie" unfolds—a mesmerizing interplay of shadows and moonlight, where the raven becomes the silent guardian of the night.

The Spiritual Presence of Ravens: In ancient lore and spiritual traditions, ravens are often regarded as messengers between realms. The intelligent and mysterious nature of these birds connects them to the ethereal, symbolizing wisdom, change, and a bridge between the seen and unseen. "Raven's Reverie" captures not just the physical presence of the bird but also its spiritual essence.

Moonlit Silhouette: The yellow moon, radiant and full, casts its gentle light upon the raven, creating a silhouette that resonates with the soul-stirring poetry of the night. The interplay of light and darkness mirrors the eternal dance between the known and the mysterious.

Limited Edition Elegance: This collector's edition, limited to only 100 prints in the first edition, invites you to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of "Raven's Reverie." Each approximately 9x2.5 inch bookmark is meticulously hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, embodying the essence of a moonlit night.

Spiritual Wisdom, Handcrafted: Beyond the brushstrokes, "Raven's Reverie" beckons you to explore the spiritual significance of the raven—a guide through the nocturnal mysteries. Allow the bookmark to accompany your reading journeys, where each turn of the page unfolds a fragment of the raven's ancient wisdom.

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