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Artist JETTE

LG Bookmark "Cherry Blossoms on Pink"

LG Bookmark "Cherry Blossoms on Pink"

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"Cherry Blossoms" Limited Edition Watercolor Bookmark: A Tranquil Symphony

Enter a realm of serene beauty with "Cherry Blossoms," an exquisite limited edition watercolor bookmark that encapsulates the essence of Japanese tranquility. Against a soft pale yellow backdrop, misty gray mountains cradle a tranquil lake, adorned with the ethereal bloom of a cherry tree in full splendor.

Japanese-Inspired Elegance: Immerse yourself in the grace and elegance of Japanese aesthetics as "Cherry Blossoms" unfolds in a delicate dance of colors. The pale yellow canvas sets the stage for a scene reminiscent of traditional Japanese art, where misty mountains and blooming cherry trees symbolize the beauty of fleeting moments.

Limited Edition Beauty: This collector's edition approximately 9x2.5 inch bookmark is limited to just 100 prints in the first edition. Hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, each bookmark bears the mark of exclusivity. Embrace the uniqueness of each piece, as slight variations in size and minor imperfections add to its handcrafted charm.

Nature's Symphony in Your Hands: Let "Cherry Blossoms" be your gateway to a serene lakeside retreat, where the gentle rustle of petals and the misty mountains create a harmonious escape. Whether gracing your own collection or bestowed as a thoughtful gift, this bookmark invites you to carry a piece of nature's tranquility wherever your reading adventures take you.

Elevate your reading experience with the timeless allure of "Cherry Blossoms" – where Japanese-inspired art meets the serenity of nature.

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