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Artist JETTE

LG Bookmark "Bear"

LG Bookmark "Bear"

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"Bear" Limited Edition Watercolor Bookmark: A Majestic Encounter

Step into the enchanting world of "Bear," a first-edition limited edition watercolor bookmark that captures the spirit of the wilderness. Witness the commanding presence of a Grizzly Bear as it strolls towards you, set against a backdrop of bare woods and a luminescent full moon.

Unleash the Wild: Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of nature with this exquisite portrayal of a Grizzly Bear, each brushstroke echoing its power and majesty. The barren woods and the radiant full moon create a spellbinding ambiance, inviting you to embark on a nocturnal journey.

Collector's Edition: Limited to just 100 prints in the first edition, "Bear" is a collector's gem. Each bookmark is meticulously hand-mounted, signed, and numbered by the artist, ensuring its exclusivity. Embrace the individuality of each piece, as slight variations in size and minor imperfections add character and authenticity.

Your Gateway to the Wild: Allow "Bear" to guide your reading adventures, bringing the wilderness to every page. Whether displayed proudly or gifted to a fellow nature enthusiast, this limited edition approximately 9x2.5 inch bookmark promises a unique connection to the untamed world.

Elevate your reading experience with "Bear" – where art meets the wild, and every print tells a tale of nature's grandeur.

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