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Artist JETTE

"Circle of Love" Original 16x20 Acrylic On Canvas Board Painting In Oak Frame

"Circle of Love" Original 16x20 Acrylic On Canvas Board Painting In Oak Frame

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"Circle of Love" is a captivating original framed acrylic painting on a 16x20 canvas board, exuding warmth and tenderness in its portrayal of a new family unit. Against a tan-gold gradient background, which darkens at the edges and fades to almost white around the figures, the central focus is on the interconnectedness and love shared between the three figures.

At the forefront of the composition is a dark-skinned male figure with vibrant red dreadlocks, depicted in a round, embracing gesture. His arm gently cradles the light-skinned woman beside him, whose bright yellow hair cascades down her left shoulder in a circular sweep. She, in turn, tenderly holds a medium-skinned baby to her round breast, the baby's bright green curly spikey hair adding a playful touch to the scene.

The figures are depicted with rounded contours and highlighted shapes, allowing for ambiguity and inviting viewers to see themselves reflected in the piece. This intentional lack of facial details emphasizes the universal themes of love, unity, and the formation of new family bonds.

"Circle of Love" serves as a poignant expression of interracial love and the joy of starting a new family, capturing the timeless beauty and significance of these moments.

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