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Artist JETTE

"Artist Block" Original Acrylic on Canvas

"Artist Block" Original Acrylic on Canvas

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"Artist's Block" is the first painting I did after a failed marriage, kids having grown enough to have their own cars and jobs, and finding the most wonderful man on the planet, who has provided the time, space, financial and emotional support I needed to begin the career I've dreamed of since childhood. The thing was, once I HAD all that, even though the urge was there to smear paint on something, I couldn't think of one damned thing to paint! So, inspired by local artist Nick Noyes, I scribbled! I scribbled ALL OVER that canvas, and then smeared paint in all the shapes it made! Once I was done with that, I stepped back and saw the face plain as day, that painting had a face that demanded expression.

In a symbolic gesture, I enclosed her within a "block," a representation of my own artistic block that birthed her. To me, she is a symbol of beauty born from a creative struggle.

This captivating piece is presented on a 3/4-inch deep, 20x24 inch stretched canvas that has traveled with me for over two decades. Now, she awaits the opportunity to become a part of your space. Unframed, yet adorned with painted sides, she can be displayed as is or framed according to your preference.

Celebrate the triumph over artistic hurdles with "Artist's Block" – a unique piece that carries the essence of resilience and creative rebirth.

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