Heaven On Earth

I’ll not always be pretty, but if you let me, I’ll paint you some beautiful walls.

Fill your house with smells when the snow falls.

Soups, coffee, stews

Cookies, cider and hot brews

If you provide the means.

In the summer your…our yard would be bursting with greens!

Melons, cabbages, tomatoes, herbs and beans!

The kids would make crafts and we’d cook and sing!

If you just provide the means.

With you, we’d camp and hike and fish!

Travel every corner of creation, sometimes with kids, but others, the kids we’d ditch! 😉

We’d run around outside having fun to stay fit.

It wouldn’t be a chore, it would be life,

fun and free and light!

I’d create for hours every day

while you and the kids were away.

I’d sew and paint and write!

Oh what a beautiful sight!

They say heaven is beyond human imagination and it must be true.

If heaven is better than that, I can’t wait till this life is through.