The Imperative of a Wisely Prioritized Budget

he puts into words what most of us know. We are waking up to it, many of us anyway. We just don’t know how to get OUT and DO anything about it. I work for a small business that gats nailed all the time and live in a two income household that still doesn’t even bring in $40,000/year. We don’t overspend on any of the luxuries mentioned, but we are still stuck at the mercy of the elite, shopping at Wal-Mart and feeding the other big corporations because we can’t AFFORD to do anything else. We are literally STUCK in it


in-the-pinkWe, in the United States and elsewhere, are very much in need of a new economic model.  One that supports and maintains healthy individuals and healthy communities.  If the United States is/was a great experiment, in terms of establishing an economy which is both sustainable and sustains a healthy, thriving nation, it has failed miserably.  I’m sure some statisticians and/or economists can produce numbers on GNP and/or corporate profits and say that calling the U.S. a failed experiment economically is false.  However, lets face it, statistics and corporate profit figures, numbers on paper, alone don’t give the millions of real people who make up our nation the financial well-being, the stability we need.

We should not be living to work, but working to live.  Our lives can and should be truly satisfying lives, ones that afford sufficient time with family, reasonable recreational possibilities, the time and ability to engage in…

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